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What Is Gas Spring Function?

Author:Winson Gas Spring & Hydraulic Damper Click: Time:2022-02-17 00:00:00

What is Gas Spring

A gas spring is a type of spring that works by compressing a gas (usually air) within a sealed chamber to generate tension and motion. Gas springs are used in many different industries such as automotive, aerospace, furniture, and recreational applications.

If you’ve ever wondered what gas spring function is and how it’s used, you’ve come to the right place. Gas springs, also known as gas struts, are a type of spring which normally contains a gas of nitrogen and other organic compounds. They can range in size and strength depending on what they are being used for.

Gas Spring Used In Automotive Industry

Gas springs are most commonly used in the automotive industry. They are used, for example, in the trunk of cars, helping the cover to close and open with ease. Gas springs are becoming more popular in the furniture industry as well. Adjustable beds and desk chairs are some of the most common items that gas springs are seen in. Windows and doors are using more now too.

 Gas Spring's Structure & Principle

Gas Springs consisted by Pistion,Cylinder,Sealings,Nitrogen gas filled,Inner components,Lubricating oil,End connectors. 

The Working Principle of gas spring is a hydropneumatic adjusting element, It is filled with compressed nitrogen, which acts with equal pressure on differently dimensioned cross-sectional areas of the piston.This produces a force in the extension direction.This extension force can be exactly defined within physical limits through the appropriate selection of the filling pressure.

Gas springs do not require an extra power source to be supplied. They rely on the compression/expansion pressure of the gas to move the object. This makes them a cost effective and efficient choice for furniture and automotive applications. Gas springs are usually mounted within a cylinder that holds the gas and allows the motion of the spring. They can come in different strengths designated by different types of pressures.

Gas Spring's Applications 

Gas springs use different applications for different purposes. These are: to assist in the movement of heavy, bulky and awkward objects, to provide a shock effect or to support a particular weight. A gas spring could be used in a variety of scenarios in both the automotive industry or furniture industry. For instance, gas springs can be used to adjust the height setting of a desk or chair, or used to increase support and comfort in a vehicle seat.


Gas springs can fail if the gas pressure is too high, this is known as over extension. It is because of the pressure that the gas spring is able to support weight and provide the desired motion. If the pressure is too low then the force application will be limited, meaning the spring will not be as efficient. Testing and adjustments should be done throughout use, as pressure will fluctuate depending on the weight being supported.


About Winson Gas Spring

Winson Gas Springs are the experienced manufacturer in this sector around the world, providing a wide range of high quality application-specific gas springs. Their products are tested and designed to be suitable for the application specific requirement of clients. These gas springs are manufactured with adjustable pressure settings, allowing users to increase or decrease the force application depending on what they need. Winson Gas Springs are considered the ‘Gold Standard’ by those in the automotive and furniture industries.


In conclusion, gas springs are an efficient and cost-effective option for use in the automotive and furniture industries, providing a great solution for heavy, awkward or bulky objects. With the gold standard of Winson Gas Springs manufactured for specific application requirements, these are the first choice for most industry professionals.

Winson Gas Spring

Winson is a Chinese Gas Spring & Hydraulic Damper manufacturer specializing in custom compression, lockable, tension types and stainless steel gas springs & oil dampers for a variety of applications of automotive and vehicle, furniture, machineries, medical & fitness equipments.

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